The PASS Data Architecture Virtual Chapter focuses on data architecture concerns as they impact users, developers and DBAs on the Microsoft SQL Server platform.





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January 28th 2015 12 CST Noon

Performance Troubleshooting Using Wait Statistics

One of the first things you should check when investigating performance issues are wait statistics - as these can often point you in the direction for further ana5ysis. Unfortunately many people misinterpret what SQL Server is telling them and jump to conclusions about how to solve the problem - what is often called 'knee-jerk performance tuning'. In this session, you will learn what waits are, how to analyze them, and potential solutions to common problem patterns.


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CEO / Owner

Paul is a Microsoft SQL Server MVP and a Microsoft Regional Director. He spent 9 years working on the SQL Server team, writing DBCC CHECKDB, and ultimately responsible for the entire Storage Engine. In 2007 Paul left Microsoft to co-own and run, and is a world-renowned author, consultant, and top-rated speaker on SQL Server performance tuning, administration, internals, and HA/DR. When he's not tweeting, blogging, or helping someone recover from a disaster, he's likely to be underwater somewhere in the world with his wife, Kimberly L. Tripp. 



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SQL Server
 MVP since 2008


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Thomas Stringer - May 22 2015 12:00 CST

Troubleshooting SQL Server with Extended Events



SQL Server is growing more complex and advanced as a database management system with every new release and additional technology or functionality.  With the expanding responsibility on supporting and troubleshooting the SQL Server environment in your organization, it is up to you to find the root cause of problems and fix them with a proven solution to the given issue.  The hardest aspect of resolving problems is the troubleshooting step, but thankfully SQL Server gives us the tools to be successful in pinpointing problems.  One of the most powerful tools is Extended Events, and it can be used to troubleshoot a large array of problems, from errors to performance bottlenecks.  Join Thomas Stringer, a Microsoft SQL Server Premier Field Engineer, as he dives into the finer points of the technology, and then shows common troubleshooting scenarios that are often quickly resolved with Extended Events.


Speaker Bio:

Thomas Stringer is a SQL Server Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft, specializing in high availability, disaster recovery, performance, administration, scripting and automation (PowerShell), development (C/C++ and .NET/C#) and other aspects of data.  He can also be found contributing to the technical community, speaking and writing about a variety of problems and solutions.




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  Data Architecture underpins just about everything we do in IT. Without a clear understanding of how data is structured, there is no reliable way to derive meaning from it. Data Architecture drives the design and governance of data systems, and thus should be of interest to any data professional. Data Architecture provides the blue-prints that we all share, whether we be DBAs, data integration developers, database developers, data warehousing professionals, data presentation developers or client-side application developers persisting data for later retrieval.


The PASS Data Architecture Virtual Chapter will focus on data architecture concerns as they impact users, developers and DBAs on the Microsoft SQL Server platform. We want to make data architecture accessible to all data practitioners, and drive the point home that Data Architecture is a set of practices and a body of knowledge that overlaps almost all database professionals to some degree.

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