The PASS Data Architecture Virtual Chapter focuses on data architecture concerns as they impact users, developers and DBAs on the Microsoft SQL Server platform.

Wed, Feb 24, 2016 Noon CST

Minimize Data Loss

By Jes Borland



Data loss can strike any server at any time. Are you prepared for the inevitable? A good DBA takes regular backups and practices regular restores; a great DBA has advanced restore techniques planned and tested. In this session, I will demonstrate three advanced restore methods that can make you a great DBA - point-in-time restores, page restores, and piecemeal restores, and will discuss the appropriate situations when each should be considered. Attend this session to better protect your business and your job.



Jes Borland is a Senior SQL Engineer at Concurrency and a Microsoft SQL Server MVP. She holds an AAS - Programmer/Analyst degree and has worked with SQL Server as a developer, report writer, DBA, and consultant. She is an active member of PASS, founder of FoxPASS in northeast Wisconsin, and a blogger. Jes frequently presents at user groups, SQLSaturday, and other community events.






March 9, 2016 Noon CST

Zero-Downtime Upgrades: Rockstar DBA

By Argenis Fernandez



SQL Server upgrades bring enticing new features and much needed enhancements, but can you perform them while maintaining high availability of your SQL

Server infrastructure?

You can actually do this by leveraging rolling upgrades, which are upgrades performed with minimal downtime or service disruptions.

In this session you will:

* Understand how rolling upgrades are better than in place upgrades

* Learn how to use database mirroring or AlwaysOn Availability Groups for rolling upgrades

* Explore how you might use Log Shipping to perform a simpler type of rolling upgrade

This is a demo-intensive session, so you can see rolling upgrades live and up close.

If you are considering upgrading to a major version of SQL Server, or just applying a Service Pack or a Cumulative Update, this session is for you!


Argenis Fernandez is a SQL Server MVP and SQL Server Solutions Architect for Pure Storage. He has worked with SQL Server for over 17 years and enjoys high-end OLTP databases, virtualization, performance troubleshooting, high availability, disaster recovery, best practices, and dealing with hard problems. Previously a Senior Consultant for Microsoft, he is also a Microsoft Certified Master, founder of the PASS Security Virtual Chapter, and an active member of the SQL Server community.



Eric Peterson: SQL Server 2014: In-Memory tables

Wed, Apr 20, 2016 11:00 AM - 11:59 AM CDT


In memory DB setup

In Memory Table/Index Setup

In memory Stored Procs with full setup scripts and examples


Over 30 years of database experience

IBM IDMS, DB2, Oracle, Sybase and SQL Server

10 Years as a lead architect for Sybase Professional Services

22 Years SQL Server experience ( 4.2 and beyond)

DBA, Programing, design

Managed a 30 TB database

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Thomas Leblanc May 2016



Mickey Stuewe

Changing Your Habits to Improve the Performance of Your T-SQL

July 6 2016 CST Noon

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Mickey Stuewe

Silent Killers Lurking in Your Schema

October 11th 2016 CST Noon

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  •   Data Architecture underpins just about everything we do in IT. Without a clear understanding of how data is structured, there is no reliable way to derive meaning from it. Data Architecture drives the design and governance of data systems, and thus should be of interest to any data professional. Data Architecture provides the blue-prints that we all share, whether we be DBAs, data integration developers, database developers, data warehousing professionals, data presentation developers or client-side application developers persisting data for later retrieval.

    The PASS Data Architecture Virtual Chapter will focus on data architecture concerns as they impact users, developers and DBAs on the Microsoft SQL Server platform. We want to make data architecture accessible to all data practitioners, and drive the point home that Data Architecture is a set of practices and a body of knowledge that overlaps almost all database professionals to some degree.

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